Why this page exists?

I want to build an impact company that creates positive changes to people’s lives. Psychology and travel are sectors that I am passionate about and will invest my energy for my dream.

“If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go further, go together”. This quote describes exactly what I need at the moment. I would like to build a team of like-minded, enthusiastic, purposeful people that will go as far as we can.

Finding co-founders to build our startup is one of the most challenges for any “wanna-be entrepreneurs”. I want to find a creative way to increase my chance of matching with my co-founders.

So this page is where I sell myself to the world (and maybe you) in order to find my team members.

If you are still interested in who I am, let continue:

Personal Facts

My name is Nhon Pham (aka John Pham), 35 years old, married and raising 1 dog.

I am living in Hanoi, Vietnam, working as Recruitment & Training Manager for a service company.

My Strengths for Startup:

– Hard working to solve challenges: startup is tough so hard work is needed.

– Leadership: I coach my staff a lot to make them more self-awared, more independent and more responsible for their own path. Transformation leadership is my main leadership style but I am flexible to apply other kinds of leadership. You can use situational leaderships for what I am describing.

– Recruit A players in managerial and technical roles. I spent more than 5 years in headhunting job before. Country Managers of Viber, transcosmos and technical guys of Softbank were some my successful placements. Dealing with senior people is my strength.

– Train staff for leadership, softskills are what I am doing. My special interests are emotional intelligence, coaching for success.

– Operation + basic marketing activities are what I can do well.

– People-oriented and I love to build a great culture anywhere I work regardless of team size.

– My experiences are combined in IT + Recruitment & Training + Marketing.

– Creative. I believe that human being is one of the greatest creation on earth so there is no reason for status quo.

– Maturity. Yes, it is. I have a serious attention for personal development and I want to work with mature people who possess a certain level of emotional intelligence.

– Grow mindset: I want to work with people who can point out what I am doing wrong so I can improve myself instantly. We never reach to our final self so learn to unlearn is one of the most important skills.

– Transparency: I communicate straightforward what I think in a best way I can. There is no gossips, no underground conflicts in the team.

– Trust: there is no space and time for shits like lies, I commit that.

– Pains: I am marathoner and I train 2-3 sessions per week. Both muscle and mentality require us going through pains to exchange for growth. The same is for start-up.

– Reading to learn things I have not heard about yet. I learn hardly about leadership, psychology and building culture.

 Weaknesses/Improvements or Whatever It Is:

– Distraction: I jump in and out from ideas to ideas and sometime find out that my day is wasted with zero productivity.

– Patience: this always goes along with distraction (a good excuse, right?)

– Thinking too much and too long

These things are my weaknesses and I am doing my best to improve them. And I do not look for co-founders who possess these weaknesses because I do not want to destroy our dream so early. We should be seriously about this fact.

If you are still interested in exploring further about cooperation with me, let me describe my ideal partners:

I can talk to any persons but only work very well with people who:

People-oriented. This means that you focus on people development and really know how to do it. There are CEOs, companies that claim to build a great culture for employees but they do not walk the talk. We do not need one more company like that.

– Value respect, transparency, trust, productivity and want to build a great team.

– Open to new ideas, opinions and feedback.

– Having a grow mindset and never settle down or satisfy with past achievements.

Technical background. I can set-up WordPress on AWS, configure Mailchip or other similar things to run a landing page or web. And that is what I can do in term of technical. So it is great if you are strong in coding, technical project management…to build apps/webs that people love.

– Read about this long promotion, especially my strengths & weaknesses and still want to know me in person (or you do not like anything in this post but still want to connect with me because of curiosity or maybe future friendship/business cooperation), so let connect:

My Linkedin


Best regards,
John Pham